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I have a deep appreciation for and a special connection with older generations, born out of my own bond with my grandmother. I recognize seniors have a wealth of wisdom to bestow the younger generations willing to listen. I have learned so much from her over the years, and treasure the unique perspective she has shared with me.

I also specialize in hospice assistance and end of life support. Death is an integral part of the life cycle that connects all human beings. My mission is to lessen fear and suffering in the world, and to enlighten my community to a healthier relationship to mortality.

The formal integration and harm reduction training from working on an emotional support hotline, has allowed me to de-escalate distressed callers and assist hundreds of individuals. Weekly hospice volunteering at Providence St. Joseph Hospital, paired with my employment as a hospice aide and senior caregiver, have provided me the experience to support those embarking on their own passage, and the families involved.

My skills as a communicator and ability to establish connection serves to bridge the gap between generations. While differences in society and culture exist, I see the commonalities. I cherish individuals and their unique stories. My work as a caregiver has been beyond rewarding, with each client holding a special place in my heart!

Personalized education is offered remotely to guide you on your unique journey. Get in touch at mourningcloakinfo@gmail.com

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